Thursday, July 5, 2007

All hands GO!

What you don't see is Paul reaching with a paint roller for the wall above the stairs, and Nate is giving a helping hand with a joke while smiling to the goodwill of the team. Behind their arms is a room full of resource and hope for the homeless of Glasgow. Lodging House Mission uses this room for art, exercise, prayer and group meetings. The team's spirit was high today. Waking late from the first night after jet let and walks all over the city the day before we still made it to work at the Mission with energy and cohesiveness. Interactions at the Mission were wonderful as we all fell into the lifestyle of this international city. Dinner concluded the day with laughter and banter about odds and ends, and through it all it made pence (the cents in the pound). We came to Glasgow to serve, but in the end of day one we were the ones who have felt gifted, blessed and touched by the raindrops of goodness to others from the heavens.

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