Saturday, July 14, 2007

An Unexpected Swim

This morning, about ten minutes after we got to Lodging House, just after i had sat down to eat my Scottish breakfast (see Nates post), the craziest junkie that I have met so far comes up to me and asks if I would like to have my name put down on the list of those who are going swimming. I look at this list and see that Nates name is already on it, but i turn him down, because, seriousely, would you go swimming with a drugged out wierdo in Glasgow? After a few more bites of black pudding, i walk over to Nate and ask if he is actually going swimming. He says yes, and that they provide the swimsuits. So i go find James (the craziest junkie) and tell him to put my name down on the list. Twenty minutes later, James, Nate, Eddie, two ladies that work there and some other junkie who i never met all pile into a huge van. We drive to a big rec. center and all pile out. John, the guy who took us all out to play football, met us at the front (see photo below).

Once we get inside, one of the ladies goes to the counter and gets us all lockers. While we wait for her, James divies out the swimsuits and towels. Once everything is sorted, we all go off to our various lockers and get changed. Nate and I went straight out to the pool and started swimming. Eddie (pictured below)

came out and jumped in with us. All the others went up to the saunas and hot tubs upstairs. After a while, we tired of splashing each other and teaching Eddie how to free-style swim, so we joined the others. Once we got upstairs and were sitting in the hot tub, we began to wonder where James had gone off to. All of a sudden, he wanders up with toilet paper stuck all over his face. He had tried to shave with one of the razors they give out at the mission, but it looked like he had used a rusty spoon. There was no end to the crap that we gave him that day. Needless to say, it was a hilarious time, very unexpected and it just goes to show that you cant judge a book by its cover, or a junkie by his craziness.

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Beth said...

Hey...ya'll have been on my mind. Especially yesterday. What a fun story...thanks for the good laugh! God be with you.