Friday, July 13, 2007

Bus Stop

In case you're not aware, the Harry Potter movie came out here today. Don't be too jealous. None of us have seen it yet, but we did go to this nifty bus that looks a bit like the "knight bus" in Harry Potter . . . only sketchier. It's a double decker called the Salt and Light bus. It parks near the train station downtown twice a week. The bottom half has a big window that opens up and serves food to homeless guys and pimps on the street. The top deck is a pink and purple lounge for female prostitutes. The women come upstairs for tea and snacks and get a chance to relax and chat with other ladies. Sounds cheesy huh? You're thinking "No prostitute would get on a bus like that." Well, they do. Salt and Light has seen close to 80 women turn their lives around over the last 5 years.
Jenna and I were allowed on the bus while the guys sipped tea on the curb. I passed out lots of coffee and pizza and had a long conversation upstairs. The whole thing is just really fabulous. I think I'll try to go back again next week.

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