Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Right so...I'm sitten here, in our huge flat for the month its 11:30pm and the sun has just set, can you believe it, 11:30pm and there is still day light peeking through the clouds! This is my (Jenna) first blog post of the trip, I'll try not to ramble. So this little lady in this picture is Sylvia telling me "don't you dare take my picture", however after taking it she asked if I could bring her a copy of the picture (She just likes to have a good shout). Having Sylvia shout (very sweetly) at me over a traditional Scottish breakfast at Lodging House Mission has become one of my favoite parts of our day, usually we have her good friend Jackie with us as well. He loves to take the mic (make fun of me) but Sylvia has to interpret for me because I can't understand a word he says, it doesn't seem to bother Jackie none he keeps right on going taking the mic. . Today we visited Glasgow City Mission, the next location we will be serving at, and while on a tour, who do we run into but my good friends Sylvia and Jackie. I'm glad that I'll be able to see them while we are there as well.
Anywho, it was very uplifitng being at the City Mission today and listening to the staff talk about what they do and to hear their heart for the people they serve, and their heart for God. I am chuffed (excited) that we get to spend some time with them!

We had a very exciting day of foot ball, not American foot ball, but real foot ball. We palyed this afternoon with some lads from lodging house mission, and then we played another game this evening with Stuart and his friends. John a guy from the mission gave me quite the complement, "Jenna, I thought you'd be carp, but your not half bad for a girl!" . (Thats a complement right??) Those of us that played both matches are fearing the pains of tormorrow, prayer for sour muscles is very appreciated! We hope to have much more Foot Ball FUN! Love love love from your friends in Glasgow!!!


Barb said...

I enjoyed your blog, created some fun visuals. Exactly what is a carp? Hope the sore muscles aren't too sore. xoxoxo+prayers, Barb aka Mom

Mike said...

Scottish-isms (or at least British-isms)
So, recently I've started hearing, or picking up, more "local" expressions that I like. Of course, I only seem to use them when I'm over here -- the second I set foot in America last month, I promptly lost any sort of cool accent and vocabulary I'd gained (except for flat, which is permanently engrained, see below). So I thought I'd share my learnings while I'm here:

You don't carry an "umbrella," you take your "brolly" with you.

When you're pleased with something, you're "chuffed."

Instead of complaining, you're "wingeing."

At the end of a (potentially confusing) transaction, a useful statement is "that's you sorted."

Instead of "very," things are "quite" impressive...

It's "ta" instead of "thanks."

I've said it before, but it's "trousers," not "pants." You wear pants under your trousers. As mothers always say, make sure you always have clean pants on in case of an accident. (think about it)

When you schedule coffee with someone, you write it in your "diary" rather than a "calendar" or "daytimer." You don't journal deep personal thoughts in your diary here.

You get on a "rota" to serve coffee at church, not a "schedule."

You rent a "flat," not an "apartment." You therefore live with "flatmates." So much easier that "apartmentmates" and so much more appropriate than "roommates."

Christmas "ornaments" are "baubles" (wrong season, I know, but it applies!).

If you need to go to the "bathroom," you ask the waiter where the "toilet" is. I confused some people in the States that way.

You don't use an "ATM," you use a "cash point."

I have a friend who calls herself "dippy." I think I am as well. Perhaps that's why we get on so well.

Depending on where you are in Scotland, you either have "Breakfast, Tea and Dinner" or "Breakfast, Lunch, and Tea." Always good to double check what you're going to get when someone invites you for "Tea" - might be a meal, might be biscuits, never just a hot drink.

Which reminds me, they're not "cookies," they're "biscuits."

That'll do for now. And as my Scottish friend says, "Cheery bye bye."


And for another one, I was "rumbled" -- caught out for writing this when I was supposed to be working...

Posted by GreekGeek at 5:40

Erin said...

Sounds like you are having fun! We must get together for a cuppa when we both get home and tell about our adventures! xxxxx- Erin Hollingsworth