Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bowling, On Grass

Today our friends Lindsay, Jenn and Lola took us bowling down at the local bowling green. Here in Scotland, one of the rainiest places this side of the Amazon, they decided that it would be better to bowl outdoors. No wonder the Scotts are a hearty people. The other odd thing about Scottish bowling is that the balls are weighted, but only on one side. This is so that however bad you are at rolling the ball down the green, you can always have something to blame it on. Also, there are no pins in Scottish bowling, just a small white cue ball that you have to try to get close to. At least there is no fear of getting foot fungus, though, because you dont have to rent out shoes. We all met up at approximately five o'clock, and qickly, through the use of rocks, papers and scissors, paired off into teams. Bowling at this particular green was free, and the groundskeeper not only had bowling balls, but tennis racquets and croquet things as well. The top picture was taken by Heidi, who ran out onto the green and had to lay down in front of the balls to get the angle she wanted. I (Paul) am on the far left. Next to me is Ben, who was my team-mate, Lola, Josh, Nate, Jen, Lindsay, Jenna and Sam. The bottom photo shows Sam, demonstrating his flawless technique to a number of admiring young ladies. Watch out though, ladies, he's taken.

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