Monday, July 16, 2007

So, it's been a few days...

Just to keep you up to date, here's what we've done since you last heard from us...
1. We finished up at Lodging House Mission. We have a before and after photo some where, but who knows where that is just now. It was kind of bitter sweet ending there, as it marked the end of our time there everyday. It doesn't mean, though, that the relationships are over. Not by any means what so ever.

2. It also marks the beginning of our next adventure. This week, the team is helping Stuart promote his party, which is one of the main reasons we came. The party is an outreach to the local music scene of Glasgow. We are also leaving for a brief stint of holiday this week (3 days). We will travel to Inverness, Aberdeen, and St. Andrews (where our friend Mariam, who used to be on staff at Scum, is studying).

3. Saturday morning two of us (Sam and Paul) took surveys of people in the Partick area for Mosaic. The questionaires asked why people of the area needed and how the church might respond to that need. Nate went to the skate park to try to start some relationships there, and Ben, Heidi, and Jenna went to the Mosaic Saturday club to learn about physics and Jesus. I (Josh) stayed home and did dishes.

4. Then, we went to Edinburgh and saw the castle, walked the Royal Mile, went to the underground tour, and the Museum of Modern Art. It was a nice day to see another part of Scotland, and to learn more about their culture.
5. Sunday morning we met Mark from the Lodging House Mission and cycled the route we wlll be marshalling for the LHM bike ride that raises money and awareness of the Mission and its purpose. Then we went to Mosaic and heard Stuart Weir talk about how to make eternal relationships. The church definitely has a missional vibe to it, which is nice.
6. In honor of Heidi, we went to see Harry Potter. It was good to see it before everyone in the states can, so there!

Please pray for the team. We've spent a lot of time together, and we will be spending more intense time together while on holiday. Too much togetherness can sometimes be a not good thing. We have been getting along famously, but there are always hiccups on the way. Pray that God would unite us and give us an incredible love for each other.


Barb said...

Very interesting blogs. These are truly experiences that will be etched into your memories forever. Also, just wanted to say, "Happy Birthday" to Jenna. Love & Prayers, Barb aka Mom

Christina said...

I'm so thrilled that God is keeping you all strong and open to everything you're experiencing. Stay safe, humbled, and challenged...oh and have fun too.

God's Peace,

jcroft1 said...

We love hearing about all of the exciting experiences you all are having on your trip. It is interesting to hear how God uses each of you in His own way. Sounds like you are having fun as well. We pray that God will continue to use you all and that he strengthens your relationships with each other. I can't wait to hear your new found Scottish brogue. Love jim and Amy Croft

dustyne said...

Reading the blog make me feel like i am reading a extension of one of the books of the bible. It is really good to hear the really raw stories of what is going on. Very encouraging and very insightful. Good on ya , josh , for doing the dishes , i haven't been home much latly , although some how there is a mysterious pile of dishes that i have been assembling together in the sink. i am going take them out.

keep on with the updates.