Monday, July 9, 2007

Flea Market Exploits

On Sunday we split into two groups for church. Nate, Josh, and Ben went to a church called St. Georges of Scotland-at Tron. Heidi, Jenna, Paul, and I (Sam) went to a newer style church (for Scotland) called Destiny Church. They were holding it back in the center of the city where they had started the church 3 years earlier. It was an ok church. The worship appeared to be what I have seen several times back in the states when churches try to appeal to a hipper crowd. The band all had "hipster" styling of clothes and style. They played there own music and we were informed that they are putting out a cd internationally this July. Kind of strange but they have an obvious love of Jesus. The preaching was ok if not completely biblically sound (we wouldn't call it heresy but we felt he was reaching conclusions that weren't able to be supported completely with scripture). Overall the feeling was one of several churches which I have been to in the states. Their mission statement was to grow a big church as a little church, meaning that they want to reach as many people as possible while still focusing on the individual with personal relationships. sounds hard but God speed to them.

As Paul wrote in an earlier blog Stevie took us to an alley style flea market where I (sam) purchased a bicycle. Today we all went and Heidi, Paul, and Nate also purchased bicycles. They aren't the best but they were cheap have character and will last the month...hopefully. The bikes remind me of the team. We are not completely useful but we work and we are trying...and hopefully we last the month as well. In any event it is great to see the side of the city that Scum is used to dealing with. I hope we get to have more adventures like this on this trip.


Alan said...

Congratulations on your purchases! Yes, let's hope the bikes and their riders hold up for the month, I'm sure you guys will at least. We serve a fantastic Lord.

Lucas said...

God loves to use the weak and lowly thing for his Glory.

But also keep in mind that you aren't weak or lowly because you are children of God who have received his branding and garment!