Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Old Friends and New Ones

So, today is the completion of the first week we are in Scotland. The project that we are working on at Lodging House Mission is almost complete. I think that they thought we were of the lazier breed of Americans, but we are getting it done way before schedule. They have some other things for us to do there, but we should be able to knock those out with no problem.

So, the heading...Well, since we are running a bit ahead of schedule, we figured that we could not go into LHM today, but rather take some time and seek out new avenues for ministry. Sam is going to LHM to have breakfast with some of the friends he's made there, Paul is looking into swing dancing, Nate is trying to find out about the bike culture, and Heidi is going with our friend Lynsey to a children's summer program. Since I (Josh) was the only one here last summer, I made contacts that were in my interest field. But the great thing about the team is that there are so many varied interests. The hope is to further build relationships in Glasgow that would allow us to have a continued ministry here on future trips. Praise God for that.

Today I am also looking into disclosure forms. To be able to work with vulnerable people in Scotland (homeless and youth), you need to complete a background check. Unfortunately, not being UK citizens means that we have no backgrounds. Therefore, we are not supposed to have any contact with vulnerable peoples. We've been able to skirt that a bit, but I am trying to figure out for future trips how we might be able to do that well.



passwordguy said...

To Josh and the Wee team...good luck on your venture in Scotland...thank-you for the giving of your time and hearts.

Best wishes,

Bob Lowry

Mike said...

The photo reminds me of that SCRUBS music video, "Guy Love."