Friday, July 6, 2007

This is a picture of Fatal (Fat Al), Stevie, me, Andy, Collin, Heidi and Sam sitting in the lunch room during the lunch break. All the old fellas were almost entirely impossible to understand, except for Stevie. He is the one who dubbed Al, "Fatal". He was one of the first people at lodging house that we were all able to really connect with. His sense of humour is endlessly funny and uniquely Scottish. Soon after this picture was taken, he took Sam, Nate and myself to a back alley flea market to look for cheap bikes. On the way, he showed us where a building had collapsed due to a fire the day before, and told us stories about the seedier side of Glasgow. He is definitely someone who we look forward to seeing whenever we go to Lodging House Mission. He is a great example of how we have been welcomed in Scotland. Everybody has been eager to show us around and help us with whatever we might need. Even though I dont understand what they are saying half of the time, I have enjoyed talking to and getting to know the people of Scotland.

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Dave said...

Your Blog entries and pics are really fun. Thanks for posting.
We are so excited about your experiences.
Peace & Grace
D&S&J Michels