Sunday, July 22, 2007

We're back! just in time to party.

Thursda night we returned from our holiday to the North Sea just in time to join the frenzy that preceded the Void Avoidance party. Here's one of hundreds of flyers we passed out.

Part of the shindig was John Egan's art installation. Lots of double sided tape and band flyers.

Righteous, huh?

During the night the seven of us manned (and womaned) the door, pampered promoters, carried band equipment, and donned "taches."

The party was a big success. Everyone loved it and Stuart made enough money to cover costs. Tons of connections were made and the website and network got great PR. Hopefully this is the launch that Void Avoidance needs to become a trustworthy resource for local musicians and a venue for christian and non-christian musicians to collaborate and support each other.

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Tim said...

Nicely done, chaps and chappettes! Or blokes and blokettes. Or whatever you are. Be glad you're not in Denver. It is face-meltingly hot!